SOFLES – “The Stars Are Aligning"

Pose MSK

Merry Christmas from Pichi and Avo in Spain

BOLTS (Melbourne)

Odeith - anamorphic graffiti, Portugal 2013

MrDheo Tour 2013

SOFLES | Lightshow

Birdman – Half Way to Nowhere

5 Pointz - December 2013

ART MURDER @ 5 Pointz


SOFLES — LIMITLESS (time lapse graffiti video)

5 Pointz RIP: Iconic Graffiti Mecca Getting Buffed

5Pointz, a Graffiti Mecca in Queens, Is Wiped Clean Overnight

Winners of the Sketch Battle #11 - sponsored by MEM

Le CyKlop

Toctoc - Project street art on Serge Gainsbourg

Sketch Battle #11 - sponsored by MEM

Prizes of the Sketch Battle #11 - offered by MEM


Fresque graff Moissac - Reso, Zeus, Pariz, Ekors, Mr Wany, Ato


Telmo Miel in Rotterdam, Netherlands - 2013

DALeast - In Rochester and Los Angeles

Bomb The Box | HA Crew

Bond / TruLuv Sweden - Cellophane Graffiti

Ironlak - Pose in New York

Great Ape by Norm

Flora & Fauna | Alynn & Mags

Banksy blotted by graffiti in Treme neighborhood New Orleans

Graffiti on private jet at Van Nuys Airport (LA) - damage estimated at $100000

Muralismo Vinilo Y Aerosol 02 INK CREW

Jerry Wokofff: We are petitioning not tear down 5POINTZ Aerosol Art Center INC.

Night Life by Babou

Art Attacks by Filthy Luker

BRAY | SOFLES | NOMEN | MISTER | Lisbon, Portugal, 2013

In Bed with Invader

SOFLES — INFINITE (time lapse graffiti video)

Pablito Zago | The Seaty‏

Unusual Disney Princesses

Pose MSK x LRG

VNA X Soulful Creative Ad

"C'est la crise" by Dire 132 in Provence, France