SW 307 - KET 124 (video)

Winners of the Sketch Battle #6 - sponsored by NotGuilty Mega Zine

"Graffiti One Love" green cap by DISO

Graffiti gang who caused £150,000 worth of damage to trains described by judge as 'talented artists'

'Yellowist' Jailed For Defacing Rothko Painting

Roid & Horfe in London. 2012. (photo/video)

Tagger arrested in Christchurch (New Zealand)

Two Vista teens arrested for allegedly causing $274,000 in graffiti damage

Graffiti-removal worker arrested for 'tagging' to create work

Ultimate graffiti costs teen Ryan Smith his life in fall from Southern Expressway bridge

High risk graffiti on the Metlac Bridge Veracruz, Mexico (photos and video)

How to recycle an old crt monitor

Does LoveLetters in Brisbane, Australia 2012

The beasts of Berlin: Palestinian artists make a splash in the German capital

Black and Yellow.


Sketch Battle #6 - sponsored by NotGuilty Mega Zine

Prizes of Sketch Battle #6 - offered by NotGuilty Mega Zine

ARSEK, ERASE, Mr.AO, SPIT, SAIAN – Live Painting for “ADIDAS ORIGINALS” in Sofia,Bulgaria’2012

Miss Colombia, graffiti artists condemn racism

Adidas x StgoUnderCrew x MtnChile at Lollapalooza 2012

KubalArt: great artist from Bratislava

Grime Writer: detergent-filled graffiti pen

Man killed trying to stop vandals from spraying graffiti on church

We Hang It! Don't You?

TOPER - DG - RIME : rooftop in Brooklyn

Project “Eat Street Breathe Art”: 12 Artists and 24hr Lockdown!

Vandals spray graffiti on Age UK ambulance in Leicester causing thousands of pounds damage

Popular Summerside graffiti wall dismantled in Canada

Swet - Roskilde Festival 2012 (video)

Reunion Day - Rome 2012 (photo & video)

Jail for graffiti vandal who caused £54,000 of damage to trains in Surrey and London

Artist Employed by London Olympics Convicted of Graffiti Vandalism

Soten - Sofles - Tiws @ Bananna Park (Copenaghen) 2012

BRUS @ Outdoor - Urban Art Festival 2012 in Rome (photo & video)

Flying Förtress & Swanski @ Warsaw (photo & video)

Magenta Painting‏ (photo & video)

Burning Saxony - Sofia, Bulgaria (video)

MadABC (video)

Pirate Kiwie (graffiti video)

Juanes - ft. Alex Sensation & 5Pointz Graffiti - 123:POV Ep2

The Cardillo of Scampia

Winners of the Sketch Battle #5 - sponsored by MEM-T SHIRT

Sketch Battle #5 - sponsored by MEM-T SHIRT

ENERGY FEST 2012 live streaming - street art and graffiti meeting @ GHIRANO PN (Italy)

The Noise Of Cairo: the artists behind the Egyptian revolution (Documentary)

Winners of the Sketch Battle #4 - sponsored by IS THIS THE FUTURE.CO.UK

Sneakers that drew graffiti

Street Art Mecca Five Pointz To Be Demolished