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Ironlak Strikers — SOFLES

SOFLES dropping some goodness with the all-new Ironlak Strikers - Tri-grip Twin Markers and Ironlak 1mm Fibre-tip Pens.
Shot/cut: Selina Miles.
Music: Don't Hate The 808 - Bass Nectar

Friday, November 7, 2014

5Pointz Landlord Claims He Owns The Name Of The Graffiti 'Temple' He Destroyed

Nearly a year ago today, a New York City institution disappeared in the weirdest of ways. Overnight, landlord Jerry Wolkoff whitewashed the walls of the graffiti-smothered property once known as 5Pointz, where artists of all ages met and worked for more than a decade.

The abrupt erasure of one of the city’s most distinctive landmarks -- a regular stop on guided tours for Europeans seeking the “real” New York -- made national headlines, most of them unflattering for Wolkoff. If he was enemy number one then, he’s below zero today: a new report reveals that the beleaguered landlord is trying to trademark the name “5Pointz,” for the 40-plus story condo buildings he plans to build where the tagged walls once stood.

The act strikes some as hypocritical, given that Wolkoff orchestrated the end of the 5Pointz era. He reportedly submitted the trademark bid in March to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It was refused this summer (the name was deemed too close to FivePoint Communities, a real estate development in California), but Wolkoff’s company, G&M Realty, is still within its six-month window to respond to the decision. Wolkoff did not return a request for comment by HuffPost.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Breaking Bad graffiti by Scaf

Incredible work by Scaf!

Check this "Breaking Bad" tribute videoclip too!

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