Friday, February 21, 2014

Rogue-one from Glasgow

Some works by Rogue-one from Glasgow (UK).

Work for on Mitchell St.

Spraypaint on canvas, about 2foot by 3foot.

Spraypaint on canvas, about 2foot by 3foot

"rogue leader to rogue two"..."your one damn sexy pilot, fancy a drink after we blow up the deathstar!" spraypaint on canvas. 3.5foot by 5foot.

Painting in pub toilet.

Mural painted by roguejek/rogueone and ejek, on Buckhaven library. for Bookweekscotland

"Hulk Smash"

Rogue-one on Facebook: Rogue-one (graffiti)

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1 comment(s):

legalizeweedglasgow said...

Amazin work good to see it all around glasgow . keep it comin , gota get some of your work in my bedroom!!

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