Friday, February 7, 2014

Blue Sky - Tunnelvision (1975)

Amazing anamorphic art work by Blue Sky in Columbia (USA).

Sometime after graduating, Sky took an interest in painting a mural on the wall of the Federal Land Bank in Columbia. He applied to the South Carolina Arts Commission several times before they accepted his concept design for Tunnelvision and told him to approach the Federal Land Bank for funding. The bank refused to fund the project, but agreed to grant him permission to use the wall on the condition that he wasn't a communist.

Sky claims that the idea for Tunnelvision appeared to him in a dream (thus the title). Although the work is technically rendered in trompe-l'œil style, Sky intended the mural to have a spiritual impact as well; a 'window' to transcendental reality. Sky has restored and fully repainted the mural five times, and each version has featured at least one new element to extend the metaphor; for example, the most recent addition, a street sign which reads, "One Way."

Tunnelvision may be regarded as Sky's masterpiece in the classical sense, because the mural is both part of his juvenilia and the work which has earned him the widest recognition, starting with an article in the February 1976 issue of People Magazine. Rumors abound that several drunk drivers have attempted to drive into the tunnel.
(Source: Wikipedia)

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