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Ironlak Strikers — SOFLES

SOFLES dropping some goodness with the all-new Ironlak Strikers - Tri-grip Twin Markers and Ironlak 1mm Fibre-tip Pens.
Shot/cut: Selina Miles.
Music: Don't Hate The 808 - Bass Nectar

Friday, November 7, 2014

5Pointz Landlord Claims He Owns The Name Of The Graffiti 'Temple' He Destroyed

Nearly a year ago today, a New York City institution disappeared in the weirdest of ways. Overnight, landlord Jerry Wolkoff whitewashed the walls of the graffiti-smothered property once known as 5Pointz, where artists of all ages met and worked for more than a decade.

The abrupt erasure of one of the city’s most distinctive landmarks -- a regular stop on guided tours for Europeans seeking the “real” New York -- made national headlines, most of them unflattering for Wolkoff. If he was enemy number one then, he’s below zero today: a new report reveals that the beleaguered landlord is trying to trademark the name “5Pointz,” for the 40-plus story condo buildings he plans to build where the tagged walls once stood.

The act strikes some as hypocritical, given that Wolkoff orchestrated the end of the 5Pointz era. He reportedly submitted the trademark bid in March to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It was refused this summer (the name was deemed too close to FivePoint Communities, a real estate development in California), but Wolkoff’s company, G&M Realty, is still within its six-month window to respond to the decision. Wolkoff did not return a request for comment by HuffPost.

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Breaking Bad graffiti by Scaf

Incredible work by Scaf!

Check this "Breaking Bad" tribute videoclip too!

Friday, October 24, 2014

SOFLES | ASTRO (video/photos)

This is the first in a new series of videos made simply to show painting process and technique.
Piece painted entirely using Astro fatcap and Gold fatcaps.
Music: "Funds Up" by Tim Gunter
Shot/Cut: Selina Mile

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Innerfields - Street art in Hamburg (VIDEO)

Watch the guys from Innerfields create another great piece of art on a big wall in Hamburg and see why Hamburg has been such a great inspiration for these 3 street artist from Berlin.

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Anti-World Cup group vandalized Neymar graffiti mural

Graffiti mural by artist Tot depicting Brazilian soccer player Neymar (L) and Samba music legend Cartola, in celebration of the 2014 soccer World Cup in Rio de Janeiro May 9, 2014. The mural is a part of a contest organized by Rio de Janeiro's city hall, local media said. (Source: Yahoo!)

Members of the anti-World Cup anarchist group known as a Black Bloc, have painted their recognizable hood over the picture of famous Brazilian national footballer Neymar. (Source: Heavy)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Brazil's graffiti art in support of World Cup protest - pt.2

A boy walks in front of graffiti painted against infrastructure work for the 2014 World Cup at the Metro Mangueira slum in Rio de Janeiro.

According to a document released by the popular movement ‘Comite Popular da Copa e Olimpiadas do Rio de Janeiro’(People's Committee of the World Cup and Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro), the preparations for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will displace more than 7,185 families from their homes to make way for new sports facilities, bus routes and improvements in tourism infrastructure. (Source: Reuters)

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Brazil's graffiti art in support of World Cup protest - pt.1

Brazilian graffiti artists join demonstrations against the Brazil World Cup, using the streets as a canvass to express their discontent. Protesters are angry about the government spending billions on World Cup infrastructure rather than basic public services. Graffiti artist Paulo Ito says the World Cup is an ideal platform for residents to demand action from the government.

Source: The Guardian

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From Vandals to Artists: Time Rouses More Appreciation for Graffiti

A few minutes before sunrise on Monday, a train left the subway yard in Corona, Queens, where most cars on the No. 7 line spend the night in slumber.

“Stop the Bomb,” painted on a train by Lee Quiñones in 1979, is one of the murals being displayed at a Lower East Side gallery. Credit Henry Chalfant

This one appeared to have rolled out of the distant past.

From top to bottom, inside and out, seats, windows and walls, the train was encased in layers of vinyl advertising sheets. What once had been standard-issue subway cars now had been transformed to look like the interior of a diner.

“It is the first ever total train takeover in M.T.A. history,” said Carina Sayles, a spokeswoman for the company that bought the ads.

Good try, but not quite.

SUPER BRUNO by Belin & Mucke32

"SUPER BRUNO" mural recently created in Dortmund, Germany.
The artwork depicts the the son of the artist.
These pictures demonstrate the stages of the making by Belin. He was supported by German artist MüCke32 and the event was directed by 44309streetartgallery.

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