Monday, July 8, 2013

Jerry Wokofff: We are petitioning not tear down 5POINTZ Aerosol Art Center INC.

Jerry Wokoff wants to tear down 5POINTZ and replace it for ritzy condos. 5POINTZ Aerosol Art Center is so important to the people of Queens and graffiti/street artists around the world. 5POINTZ is the Mecca of all graffiti/street art and must be saved for future generations to love, enjoy and have a place to experiment and show their art talent to the world. Please sign our petition in helping to save 5POINTZ and all graffiti/street art to become a larger part of our world and society. 5POINTZ is just not a building covered in graffiti, it is the Mecca of graffiti/street art, it holds events, such as weddings, dances, art shows and etc. Please follow us on Twitter @Save5POINTZ and find us on Facebook at Saving 5POINTZ Aerosol Art Center. Now what's more important to a community, condos or an art center?

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