Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elementi Sotterranei 2013 - international writing and street art festival

"Elementi Sotterranei" is an international Graffiti-Writing and Street-Art festival, organized by the "Bravi Ragazzi" association from Gemona del Friuli, Udine (Italy), that every year invites international and national artists, providing a theme on which to develop socially useful works.

For this year there will be a lot of international artists, such as DMS (Brazil), ETNIK (Italy), VESOD (Italy), UCON (Belgium), MANKEY (Spain), ERASE (Bulgaria) and ARSEK (Bulgaria).

Don't miss this amazing event on June 8th-9th 2013!
For the complete program of the event, check the following links: IT version | EN version

Here below you can find the preview of the guest artists!

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