Friday, April 5, 2013

Winners of the Sketch Battle #9 - sponsored by NG Press

Finally, we have the three winners of the sketch battle #9, sponsored by NG-Press!

1st place - MSTYLEONE: really interesting graphic with lots going on, nice not guilty press logo and he even managed to get the companies logo into the image which i really like, good characters, well drawn.

2nd place: SRAM23 - Spain, & DURO - Italy:  they have the best letters in the competition, and i couldnt choose between them, while sram has tight letters, he needs to work on his handstyle, and duro is skilled with the paintbrush and i really like 3d paintings, perfect colours and extra drips.

3rd place - DRESU - Spain:  nice and different and made me smile, brings a different style to the competition.


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