Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sketch Battle #8 - sponsored by Alley-Kats



Welcome to the Sketch Battle #8 - sponsored by Alley-Kats!

Here there are the rules and the list of the prizes:

Word to sketch: MEOW
Theme: we accept ONLY GOOD black & white sketches (not coloured) with your own style, and if you want you can add a puppet (a character) near the piece (but the letters have more importance than the characters and than the background).
Medium: Markers, Pens, Pencil etc. Only sketches on paper, NO COMPUTER FUNK.

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

- Send your sketch to this e-mail address: sendgraffsketch@live.com
- Rename your file name with YOUR TAG and the provenience (optional)
- ONLY ONE sketch per person.
- All sketches have to be to a certain standard to be posted (it means we'll upload only best sketches), we will answer you with an e-mail if we won't publish it (if you'll get no answer from us, it means that your sketch will be published). We are sorry about this decision, but we get hundreds of sketches and we can't upload all of them. And please, DON'T ASK us when your work will be uploaded.
- We DON'T delete submitted photos.

Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Pointz – the heart of street art in NYC

The 5 Pointz is a fundamental part of the graffiti movement in New York, and it represents all of us. Unfortunately it will be demolished at the end of this year to make room for residential buildings.

The following article has been written by Cordula Schaefer, one of our followers, and it focuses on the 5 Pointz. It deserves to be read!

New York is a city of superlatives – a place where everything is considered bigger, better, and brighter. It’s no surprise the city is home to one of the largest street art collections in the world: 5 Pointz. While graffiti and New York may be associated with dark backstreets somewhere deep in the Bronx, this world famous street art Mecca is located in an old warehouse complex in Queens.

CELLOGRAFF Skoda EuropeanTour2012 part 5/6

Si vous souhaitez en voir plus rendez vous sur:

Astro & Kanos à qui l'on doit le concept du CelloGraff, reprennent la route cette fois ci avec Skoda et Alive pour un tour des capitales d'Europe. Voici la cinquième étape: Zagreb, lieu où les deux compères ont décidé de faire une démonstration de leur concept sur une des places les plus connues de Croatie.
Merci à également à Montana94 et Rumble pour le soutien et le sponsorat.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Prizes of Sketch Battle #8 - offered by Alley Kats



We are proud to announce that a new sketch battle is started!
Our new sponsor Alley Kats offers great prizes for the tird, second and first place in the contest!
Please read the rules before to enter the contest: RULES



First place: 1x sweatshirt + 1x t-shirt + 1x beanie

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winners of the Sketch Battle #7 - sponsored by Mr. Phomer

Finally, we have the three winners of the sketch battle #7, sponsored by Mr. Phomer!

1st place - JIMBO - Scotland (UK): "Jimbo is representin' heavy on this one, showing a full mural style on a sketch, story telling, nice characters and dif letterings, we almost got a rap song on this one. would love to see this on a wall."

2nd place - SEN - Poland: "This winner is representing the many "classic" style entries, being one of the best with lots of flow almost wild style and of course a dope rhyme style as well, keepin it in the hip hop fam!"

3rd place - ZOFOS - Greece: "Fresh letterings and a really good visual/graphic sense on this sketch. I do come from a background of bombing and vandalism, that's where it all started for me, but from throw ups to murals, to what ever your going for, Graffiti is a lot about typography and graphic notion and this is a perfect example, on this contest, of that, sometimes people forget it. More illustration / graphic style but still keepin it fresh and showing some knowledge and love for Letters."


JSLV x Trav | Van - Ironlak Los Angeles (video)

Trav gives the JSLV Van a new look...
Ironlak Los Angeles.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Giant penis protest hits St. Petersburg

In a piece of cutting political commentary, a group of artists have protested about heightened security in the Russian city of St. Petersburg by drawing a giant 220ft-long penis on a drawbridge. (June 2010)


Passers-by stare at the giant penis on the Liteiny Bridge in St. Petersburg, as it rises to let river traffic through
The massive penis was created by the radical art collective Voina, or War, who painted the organ on the bridge to highlight the security measures that will be put in place when St. Petersburg hosts the International Economic Forum from June 17.

Measuring 65 metres (220 ft) long and 27 metres across, the big penis rises and glistens in the light whenever the bridge is raised to let ships pass beneath, framed against a backdrop of the imposing architecture of the former capital city of the Russian Empire.

‘We have painted a giant phallus to show what the FSB and Interior Ministry are doing in terms of security for the forum,’ Voina said in a statement. The FSB is Russia’s main internal security agency, the successor to the KGB – and when the bridge is raised, the now-erect penis stands right beside its local headquarters.

The International Economic Forum will bring together politicians, including  Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and international business leaders.

The penis was painted on Monday, and one of the Voina artists has subsequently been fined by police over the penis. The penis was still visible on Wednesday.

Source: Metro.co.uk

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