Monday, November 5, 2012

We Hang It! Don't You?

Let us introduce you Tonki, our ecological frame. We simply print your pics on it. We hang it, don't you?

A new way to conserve your best pictures. 

Remember that sunset in Zanzibar, the trip to Amsterdam and the beach party? Tonki is a completely eco-friendly and simple way to always have in your eyes those moments, memories, emotions.

The idea

Since I was young, I've been dreaming to have the walls of my room covered by many pictures to enjoy in peace my best time's souvenirs: vacations, friends, parties. At that time, my pocket money was not enough to buy picture frames and all I got hanged were magazine snatches.

Growing up, I had to place my dream in my computer and phone hard disks. Now everything is changed, and I run after pictures before they vanish into the whirlwind of Social Media.

We are Wehangit: we believe that the moment to touch again pictures has come. That is Tonki: designed to excite you. Build it, hang it and enjoy it!

Ecological. Fresh. Cool. 

Tonki is a self-assembling frame, created by a cardboard sheet, expressly punched.
On the front side there's a square surface, where you can print any kind of image. 
On the backside a buttonhole to hang it and a comfortable tab to stand it by.

Tonki will be sent  to you disassembled in a personalized package, with instruction included.
Building it will be nice and it will make it feel real yours!

We need your help!

We’ve decided to submit our project, because we love the idea to start also thanks to the support of many people that we don’t know. As you can guess, there are a lot expenses to face to start an activity, overall if it’s not a traditional one. Each of us has dried his bank account up, asked help to family and friends and despite that we need something more to start properly. These are the expenses we still have to go to:

Tonki: study and protoype development, punches and cardboard production.
Packaging: cardboard paper for the instructions, punches for boxes, cardboard for boxes.
Production: plotter to print Tonki.

Sales: e-shop development and design.

To get to know us better:
Instagram: wehangit

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