Monday, November 12, 2012

Miss Colombia, graffiti artists condemn racism

Some of the country’s best graffiti artists teamed up with Miss Colombia in Cartagena to begin the largest mural in Colombia, aimed at promoting anti-racial discrimination.

Reigning Miss Colombia Daniella Alvarez was joined by 25 hopeful candidates at the Benkos Bioho plaza in Cartagena to “say no” to racism. The initiative features an artistic mural, which will reportedly be the largest in Colombia.

“The idea is to show that Cartagena is not only a center of beauty and tourism, but also an area of ​​anti-discrimination and social inclusion,” said Alvarez.

She added, “We are delighted to participate in this campaign because most people in the Caribbean region are of African descent and we should end racism and discrimination.”

Raimundo Angulo, president of the National Beauty Contest, also indicated that a sculpture of Vanessa Mendoza would be worked into the project. Mendoza won the 2001 Miss Colombia beauty contest, making the fashion model the first afrocolombian queen.

The remaining beauty contestants in 2012 rounded out their weekend with a swimsuit parade before the judges. This year’s winner will be announced Monday night.

Taken from: Colombia Reports

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