Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The beasts of Berlin: Palestinian artists make a splash in the German capital

"Hungry Beasts" by Jad Salman
Alakhbar,English.Born in 1983 in the West Bank city of Tulkarem, Salman has lived in Paris since 2007. In this collection of paintings, Salman speaks to his personal view of the Arab world nearly two years after the outbreak of the revolutions.

“The idea behind the exhibit was not merely to react to what is going on. Rather, it was the outpouring of the personal pain I feel when I see the daily killing. So I decided to end my silence,” said Salman.

The actual work on the paintings took one month, from early July until August 2012.

“I am with the revolutions but I am also with the people. Today, there is a process underway whereby beasts are riding the coattails of these honorable revolutions and their only concern is settling scores,” he said.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sketch Battle #6 - sponsored by NotGuilty Mega Zine



Welcome to the Sketch Battle #6 - sponsored by NotGuilty Mega Zine!

Here there are the rules and the list of the prizes:

Word to sketch: SUBWAY
Theme: we accept coloured sketches (not black and white), with your own style and if you want you can add a puppet (a character). The letters are the main subject, the puppet has a secondary relevance.
Medium: Markers, Pens, Pencil etc.

Saturday, December 22th, 2012

- Send your sketch to this e-mail address:
- Rename your file name with YOUR TAG and the provenience (optional)
- Only one sketch for person.
- We accept ALL the sketches that we receive and we upload ALL the photos that we got, please DON'T ASK us when your work will be uploaded.
- We DON'T delete submitted photos.

PRIZES: (click here to see the photos)
1st place: 1x NotGuilty T-Shirt (any size), 1x NG Beanie hat, 1x NotGuilty Issue 5 & 7, 1x NG Inkmop and stickers
2nd place: 1x NotGuilty T-Shirt (any size), 1x NotGuilty Issue 5, 1x NG Inkmop and stickers
3rd place: Magazine Pack from NotGuilty

GRAFFITI & STREET ART staff and NOT GUILTY staff will vote on the winners.

That's all! Come on people! Show us your skills and good luck! 

N.B.1- We will upload all the sketches that we receive, but only who respect the rules can win the contest.
N.B.2- All the sketches that we got could be used for our commercials and our products.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Prizes of Sketch Battle #6 - offered by NotGuilty Mega Zine



We are proud to announce that a new sketch battle is started!
Our new sponsor NotGuilty Mega Zine offers great prizes for the third, second and first place in the contest!
Please read the rules before to enter the contest: RULES


First place: NotGuilty T-Shirt (any size), NG Beanie hat, NotGuilty Issue 5 & 7, NG Inkmop and stickers

Monday, November 12, 2012

Miss Colombia, graffiti artists condemn racism

Some of the country’s best graffiti artists teamed up with Miss Colombia in Cartagena to begin the largest mural in Colombia, aimed at promoting anti-racial discrimination.

Reigning Miss Colombia Daniella Alvarez was joined by 25 hopeful candidates at the Benkos Bioho plaza in Cartagena to “say no” to racism. The initiative features an artistic mural, which will reportedly be the largest in Colombia.

“The idea is to show that Cartagena is not only a center of beauty and tourism, but also an area of ​​anti-discrimination and social inclusion,” said Alvarez.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

KubalArt: great artist from Bratislava

Lukas Kubala is a young artist, who brings one of other looks on constantly changing society into our culture. His work is rich in colour, shapely expressive, thematically fixed on human. In women faces he shows beauty, virtue, sensuality and a harmony of passion and hope, inaccessible in life. In the present work he covers them by lines of stories, expressive lines, hidden in the moments of complexity of existence. The author's work develops art-attractive form. Seemingly, only man dominates in it. In him there is also everything today.

Lukás Kubala was born in 1983. He graduated school of scenic art design. He participated at several exhibitions. He lives and works in Bratislava.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grime Writer: detergent-filled graffiti pen

Grime Writer is a detergent-filled graffiti marker that cleans away street-filth to leave your message behind. There's a good chance that the graffiti you create with these is no more legal than any other kind -- there've been successful prosecutions against companies in the UK that paid "street teams" to "reverse-graffiti" their messages by using detergent and stencils to selectively clean away grime from public walls, leaving behind commercial messages.

Grime Writer is a special chunky marker pen that can be filled with cleaning solution, and used to create art on a canvas of filth. Use it to tag your dirty vehicles & windows, or to transform dirt into artistic expression.
Much more socially acceptable than real graffiti and (more importantly) a lot less illegal - Grime Writer helps you leave your mark wherever you find muck. Use responsibly to help promote the phenomenon of negative graffiti, and brilliantly combine the crime of defacing a bridge with the community service time cleaning it up again afterwards, into one harmless, helpful, creative act. 

Taken from: Boing Boing

Monday, November 5, 2012

Man killed trying to stop vandals from spraying graffiti on church

One man was killed and another wounded in the Westlake district after interrupting vandals spraying graffiti on a storefront church, police said Monday. 

The shooting took place about 6:30 p.m. Sunday when two congregants came out of the building to confront vandals spraying graffiti on a wall of the church near the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Reno Street.

A police official said one of the church members asked the vandals to stop, but instead one of them opened fire. One man in his 20s was killed and another, who appeared to be about 45, was wounded. Neither was identified. 

The suspects fled and have not been apprehended, police said.

We Hang It! Don't You?

Let us introduce you Tonki, our ecological frame. We simply print your pics on it. We hang it, don't you?

A new way to conserve your best pictures. 

Remember that sunset in Zanzibar, the trip to Amsterdam and the beach party? Tonki is a completely eco-friendly and simple way to always have in your eyes those moments, memories, emotions.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Project “Eat Street Breathe Art”: 12 Artists and 24hr Lockdown!

12 Dutch street inspired Artists go into 24hr live paint lock down in Ahoy (9th Nov Rotterdam Holland). They will bring a painting to life through out an all white furbished room in search of the effect that “art” has on its surroundings.

Website | Facebook event

Vandals spray graffiti on Age UK ambulance in Leicester causing thousands of pounds damage

Vandals have caused thousands of pounds damage after covering a charity's ambulance in graffiti.
They broke into a secure compound in Yeoman Street, in the city centre, before spraying the Age UK vehicle on Tuesday night.

The vehicle, which ferries people to Clarence House in the city every day, was so badly covered in graffiti that it could not be used.

Silver paint blotted out nearly all the windows and black tags were also painted on the vehicle.

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