Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Popular Summerside graffiti wall dismantled in Canada

Summerside graffiti artists have lost a loved wall where they practice their art.
The Shur-Gain graffiti wall at the former feed store has been taken down because Shur-Gain is re-developing its property.

Brian MacDonald helped get the permission from Shur-Gain to designate the wall, which faced the Trans-Canada Trail, for graffiti artists.

Losing the wall may mean more unwanted graffiti in Summerside, MacDonald said.

"I hate saying it but it may lead to increased tagging in that area," said MacDonald.

The Shur-Gain wall was an area where many established artists would go and according to MacDonald, it had a positive impact on younger artists.

"It gave the younger kids a little bit of something to look up to and to be more responsible as well," said MacDonald. "Actually in the long term it led to less destruction."

The Summerside city councillor for the area, Tina Mundy, said she is looking into seeing if a new area can be found for graffiti artists.

Taken from: CBC

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