Thursday, August 23, 2012

Juanes - ft. Alex Sensation & 5Pointz Graffiti - 123:POV Ep2

Episode 2, of his new 13 part web documentary series 123:POV Juanes, further highlights the special moments the musician has experienced coming back to the music world after a break. Juanes expresses gratitude for a warm reception by the New York Times and to all of his fans. He also allows viewers an exclusive look at his interview with Mega 97.9 FM with DJ Alex Sensation where they will get to watch Juanes perform an acoustic version of the hit "La Señal," part of his new album presented by MTV Tr3s, MTV Unplugged. Juanes discusses the unique experience of stripping down his music to acoustic arrangements, returning to what he feels is the "essence" of music, in the midst of the increasing popularity of electronic music. Then, Juanes takes us to Five Points 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center in Queens, a haven for graffiti artists. This visit reminded him of a project close to his heart, "Mi Sangre", his foundation back home in Colombia. Juanes supports the beautiful exhibition by leaving his name in graffiti on the streets of Queens Long Island City with the help of 5Pointz Curator & Founder, Meres One, and a famous street artist from Puerto Rico named Sen2.

To read more about the demolition of "5 Pointz", CLICK HERE!

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Lenny Mauricio Gomez said...

Awesome Video - Music and Art merging together is pretty sweet :)

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