Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Noise Of Cairo: the artists behind the Egyptian revolution (Documentary)

Turbulent changes are still plaguing the Middle East. What all this will lead to is not yet completely clear. However, there have been some tangible results: the Arab Spring, at least for the moment, has put an end to decades of (self) censorship and terror, unacceptable legacies in such times of globalization. Consequently, different forms of artistic expressions have stemmed from the Arab upheavals.

Winners of the Sketch Battle #4 - sponsored by IS THIS THE FUTURE.CO.UK

Finally, we have the three winners of the sketch battle #4, sponsored by IS THIS THE FUTURE.CO.UK!

1st place - STAN ONE – Russia (WHY? - dope original wildstyle lettering & detail)

2nd place - MONE78 – Hungary (WHY? Clean & classic wildstyle lettering)

3rd place – KINT – Milan, Italy (fat Character and great lettering styles for a tee)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Sneakers that drew graffiti

Moscow, Russia, 2012.
Famous graffiti artists: Sindik, Brovyan, Snack, Poser - created an illegal street art 30 meters above the ground. What is so special about this piece? Artists used soles of their sneakers to paint.

Items: 4 pair Adidas ZX sneakers, size 41-44.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Street Art Mecca Five Pointz To Be Demolished

New York graffiti Mecca Five Pointz will soon be razed and replaced with high rises and a luxury shopping mall.

Owner Jerry Wolkoff has allowed street artists to create art on the walls of the former warehouse in Long Island since 1993. Marlon Bishop for WNYC reported Wolkoff intends to submit formal redevelopment plans for the $350 project within two weeks. In addition to the residential buildings and commercial spaces, the plans include studio spaces for artists and a wall for graffiti artists to use.

The announcement came as a surprise to graffiti artist Jonathan Cohen, known as Meres, who runs Five Pointz.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Frozen Wall: ZOER - KRYO - OGRE (video)

Shot in february 2012 (coldest day of winter 2012), in Lyon with Ogre, Kryo and Zoer.

Music by Tcheep.


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