Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BANKSY Bedroom Art- New York -1999 (video)

During 1999 a young British Artist called 'Robin' stayed in Room 5B at the 'Ye Olde Carlton Arms' Hotel in Manhattan, New York. During his stay he painted one of the hallways and the room in which he stayed. A few years later this hotel guest was to become known to the world by just his pseudonym 'BANKSY' . This is a short video of the art in the room.....Not a Rat in sight ! Read more

Although this work differs a lot from the Street Art he is now infamous for we hope that you enjoy this for what it is - great orginal art.

Music : Turn off the Lights - Larry Young's Fuel (1975)

Massive Thank you to HankPank for video footage and images
Read more on Banksy's early years check in this book preview Seven years with banksy' - by Robert Clarke

To see more about BANKSY, CLICK HERE!

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