Friday, March 23, 2012

Step in the Arena 2011 (video)

Step in the Arena is the biggest graffiti event in Holland. This is a glimpse into a little part of what this jam was about.
Featuring Europe Finest writers: Aroe - Storm - Jiroe - Gebes - Rusl - Chas - Nash - Dater - Ozer - Opium - Zeus - Rota - Pencil - Ogre - Swet - Gomer - Belin - Puaks - Tumki - Biser - Belin - Zedz - Dome ...and many more.

Produced by Sly M & Innercity Magazine.

Music: Moonbootica & Anthony Mills - In our eyes

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Anonymous said...

Obedient bye, genial chum :)

Anonymous said...

Good bye, considerate alternative other :)

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