Friday, May 6, 2011

Banksy produces 'souvenir' poster of Bristol riots

The image was described on Banksy's website as a "fine commemorative souvenir poster"
Banksy has created a new image depicting a Tesco Value petrol bomb in the wake of riots in the city.

Last month, police raided a squat opposite the Tesco store saying they had intelligence that petrol bombs were being made there.

That led to a large protest in the early hours of 22 April and was followed by a second demonstration on 28 April.

Officers have arrested 37 people and charged nine people over the two protests.

A Tesco Express store was damaged during the trouble

The new image was released with a statement which said: "Banksy has produced this fine commemorative souvenir poster."
The piece, clearly inspired by the two riots in the Cheltenham Road area last month, is to go on sale this weekend: copies will be sold for £5 at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday.

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