Friday, March 25, 2011

Royal wedding graffiti appears in London but is it a Banksy?

A Banksy-style piece of graffiti inspired by the Royal Wedding has appeared on London's Bond Street.

The image shows a black and white picture of the Queen holding a spray can as she finishes painting Will + Kate inside a pink heart with paint dripping down.

It has been sprayed on scaffolding hoardings outside a shop. The stencil-type style has led to suggestions it could have been created by international artist Banksy, the mysterious graffiti master famous for his witty paintings and secrecy.

But its presence on temporary hoardings rather than a permanent building has led others to believe it is a copycat. Banksy has recently tagged in California, however, where he sprayed an LA water tank with the words: "This looks a bit like an elephant."

The royal wedding picture has not been included on his official website.

Daily Mirror art critic Martin Newman said: "As Banksy never comments directly on the authenticity of works attributed to him, it has left him wide open to frauds and hoaxers - who try to pass off lookalike works as the real thing.

"It is unusual for Banksy to put an image on a surface that can easily be removed, in this case a hoarding. Fans and professional art thieves have gone as far as cutting out whole sections of brick wall to remove these valuable works of art.

"This particular piece looks like a slick imitation. While including a red heart shape, similar to Banksy's style of using balloon imagery and areas of red to punctuate the monochrome in his street art, the rest of it is not in his style. The image of the Queen in particular is overly smooth.

"Banksy, too, has a great visual wit, and what sets this stencil apart even more from the real thing is... it's just not very clever."

Taken from: Mirror

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King Kwake Krab said...

I can guarantee you thats not painted by Banksy. Everytime someone stencils anything now it has to be 'a banksy'?

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