Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5Pointz becomes more of an attraction ahead of possible redevelopment

With the future of a Queens landmark is uncertain, it's becoming even more of an attraction.

Dozens gathered Saturday at the 5Pointz building in Long Island City, which has been a public art gallery for graffiti for more than eight years.

But the building's owner, Jerry Wolkoff, wants to redevelop the land.

With more than 300 different works on the building, artists say it provides a space for graffiti like no other.

"It is kind of like the epicenter for graffiti,” said one visitor.

My jaw just dropped when I saw this,” said another. “I couldn't believe the artwork here."

"From weddings, to a memorial, to photo shoots for upcoming and aspiring photographers, there are so many elements that are interesting and that come here,” said graffiti artist Jonathan “Meres” Cohen.

Wolkoff said he will not submit an official proposal until he gets more feedback from the Department of City Planning. He's set to meet with representatives later this week.

Taken from: NY1

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