Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Graffiti artist sprays it publicly

It may be graffiti, but it is also art which is decorating a central Oamaru building, with the owner's approval.

Jesse Geary (18) has created a mural on the side of Mainstreet Music, in Thames St, and put the finishing touches to his work yesterday.

Armed with cartons of spray paint cans, he attracted an audience from people walking on Oamaru's main street as he worked.
Asked what the mural depicted, Jesse said: "Nothing, really. I never know what is going to turn out."

The mural demonstrated "a bunch of different techniques" and shows an octopus emerging from the sea to grapple with the graffiti.

Jesse's work already adorns public places in Oamaru.

His first mural was outside the Countdown supermarket and was done in 2009. The one before his latest work was in Torridge St, near Oamaru North School.
The latest creation has been done free of charge, to show what he can do, but he plans a number of activities and promotions to raise money to help pay for paint to do others.

While coy about which walls he was eyeing for his graffiti art, he said he had a number of "sly, sneaky spots in mind".

Taken from: ODT

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