Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Graffiti artist creates a portable robotic rainbow machine

This is the Robo-Rainbow by artist Mudlevel, and its purpose is to brighten your day – whether you like it or not:

There’s not much to explain that can’t be gleaned from watching the hypnotic video, a piece of production as beautiful as the robot itself. Powered by a cordless drill, the torque is transferred to a counterweighted arm which lifts six paint spray-cans in an arc.
What looks like an Arduino circuit-board controls the speed of the arm as it traces an arc across the wall of your choosing, and triggers the servos that spray the paint. Even the spray-can mount is ingenious: six cans around a circular hoop that keeps everything lined up as it makes its circle, and at the same time gives the cans space whilst keeping the nozzles close together.
And best of all, the whole rig packs into a bike trailer.

It’s hard to find anything about this that isn’t awesome. The only problem might come from the cops. After all, you may be able to make a quick getaway on your bike, but with a long boom rattling paint-cans behind you, you’re going to be pretty easy to spot.

Source: Wired

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