Friday, February 4, 2011

Campaign against graffiti in Madinah

JEDDAH: The municipality of Uhud district in Madinah has launched an awareness program entitled "Towards a Clean District" aimed at eradicating graffiti on walls and in public parks, bridges and tunnels, chairman of the municipality Hamza bin Jafaar Sabiyah was quoted as saying in a local Arabic daily newspaper on Friday.

He said the program was being implemented in collaboration with imams of mosques in the district, as well as public and private organizations and businesses, students, municipal officials and residents. He explained that the program would cover all the areas belonging to the municipality.

"We want to give a civilized look to our district," Sabiyah said, adding that the program had been warmly welcomed by local residents.

Many residents had complained about the foul language written on walls of houses and other buildings and urged officials to do something about such uncivilized behavior.

Sabiyah thanked all the participants for their efforts which he said were helping to make the program a success. He called for similar programs in other districts of the holy city of Madinah.

Taken from: Arab News

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