Friday, January 7, 2011

KING OF GREEN 1.0 - Graffiti Video

The publishers WHOLE TRAIN PRESS brings us this video of the making of the second volume of the KINGS OF GREEN project. Just like the first volume, there were various graffiti writers from all over Italy: Simba, Smart, Torbi, Brus, Bred, Rusty, Ro, Jago, Haker, Punes - Daygo, Norma, Runa, Fre, Dien, Mosone, Moe, Trota, Zeus40, Just, Howen and Pencil did pieces on Lotra´s railway co. green tanker-cars in Foggia, Italy. The project was created with the objective of creating an example of eco-sustainability connected with the concepts of PASSION-ECOLOGY-ART. Created with MTN94. You know our motto… Keep the Planet Clean!

Executive producer and Art director: Domenico De Girolamo. Music: Alessandro Marchionni.
©Los Montana & 12ozProphet - Wednesday January 5, 2011

Taken from: 12OzProphet

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