Friday, January 28, 2011

GPS moves to graffiti tracking

Los Angeles (CA) - Global positioning systems have been used to track convicts and catch car thiefs, and now they're being put to the test to crack down on graffiti bandits.

A new California-based company called Graffiti Tracker is using GPS technology to keep records of graffiti locations. Offenders like street gangs often strike multiple times, using the same artwork. Using Graffiti Tracker's system, the police can then map all locations a specific person or group has "tagged".

Using the same kind of methods they use for serial killers, police can then predict where the graffiti artists are headed next, and when caught can bring evidence against them for past offenses.

In Eastern Los Angeles, Pico Rivera officials said they have made over 60 arrests in the past nine months, after buying the Graffiti Tracker system, reports Reuters.

As a result, the city says it is making an impact on street gangs. "The word is fast getting out there that this is not a good place to tag because they are going to get you," said police department spokesman Bob Spencer.

Taken from: TGDaily

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2 comment(s):

Vehicle Tracking System said...

Informative read about GPS moves to graffiti tracking,Basically it is a web-based digital database that collects and analyzes acts of graffiti.

Anonymous said...

That is not true.... They are using TAGRS

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