Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vandals deface Banksy's St Leonard's painting

A Banksy painting has been vandalised within days by a group that repeatedly targets his work - as a new piece appeared in Brighton.

The image of a little girl playing in a Tesco sandcastle appeared on a beach wall in St Leonards just over a week ago.
The mural attracted visitors to the seafront road opposite St Leonard’s Parish Church.
Hastings Borough Council was so pleased with the piece it covered it with a Perspex sheet to stop it being defaced.
But it is thought the protective covering may have aggravated some people in the street art community and mocking tags were sprayed over it this weekend.
Now council workers have sprayed the original artwork with a wipe-clean covering so any attempts to damage it can be easily removed.
The scribblings are the work of Team Robbo – a group of unknown graffiti artists who regularly deface Banksy’s work.
One of the tags reads ‘Ugh Perspex’ and another says ‘Boring’.
There are also sarcastic homages to celebrities such as Duncan Bannatyne, Tupac and Keith Lemon.
A spokeswoman from Hastings Borough Council said: “We are saddened by what has happened but think we have found a solution.
“The Perspex has now been taken away and the image is being covered in a polycarbonate spray, which means anything that is painted over the top can be cleaned off.”

Here below, there are the photos of the originary work (click on the images to enlarge them):

A new Banksy piece also briefly appeared on Brighton seafront:

The artist, whose true identity has never been revealed, has posted photographs and video on his website of a children’s ride featuring a dolphin jumping over a BP petrol barrel which he planted on Brighton seafront.
A spokeswoman for Banksy has confirmed it as his although it has now been removed.

Taken from: The Argus

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