Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Operation Removes Graffiti in Robstown

ROBSTOWN--Robstown city workers and police officers took part in a special graffiti removal operation today called, Operation Tag Out.
The work crews went to about ten businesses and parks and painted over the walls removing all the damage left there by taggers or gang members.

The workers said they're doing this to help boost the morale of Robstown residents.
"A lot of the time the homeowners or business owners don't have the resources or the time or its abandoned property so we are going out there and cleaning that up," said Lt. Gilbert Gomez of the Robstown Police Department. "So we can make our city look a little bit cleaner and to deter people who are doing this from doing this over and over again."
Operation Tag Out is conducted about once every three months.

Taken from: KIII TV

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