Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is Banksy working for Keep Britain Tidy?

It wasn’t so long ago that Keep Britain Tidy protested that Banksy was nothing more than a “self-confessed graffiti vandal.” Now, however, the Bristol-based and enduringly elusive artist seems to be handling the charity’s guerrilla marketing campaigns.
Mystery man Banksy’s latest ‘public show’ features the pictured piece of an elderly woman standing proudly by her own graffiti, carrying the name of the Wigan-based campaigning anti-litter organisation.
Despite the charity’s previous criticism of him, they now appear to have taken him to their bosom and have released a statement noting that the team are “delighted to see that Banksy is clearly a supporter and is prepared to declare it to the world.”He now appears to have evolved into “an acclaimed artist.”
KBT can technically justify this about-face as its research has shown that “the vast majority of people now differentiate between different types of graffiti.”

Phil Barton, the body’s chief executive, explained more:  “The more common ‘tagging’ is seen as offensive, blighting the environment and leading to an increased fear of crime but the more community-based art is seen in a different light.

“The problem is the so-called ‘nice’ graffiti – like Banksy’s Keep Britain Tidy image – accounts for less than one per cent of all graffiti and, of course, depending on where it is may cause significant problems for the property owner.

“Many councils now look for innovative ways of dealing with graffiti and we support this. It can be a powerful way to engage with children and young people in their local communities.”

The location of the art is not yet known, but How-Do understands that it’s not been painted on KBT’s walls in Wigan.

Taken from: How Do

Some works of Banksy (click on the images to enlarge them):

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