Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anti-Graffiti Truck to clean up Beverly

The Essex County Sheriff’s Department will be here for a week removing graffiti. Beverly
Police Chief Mark Ray and the Citizen Advisory Committee’s Graffiti Task Force arranged for the clean up, which will also include a visit from Sheriff Frank Cousins this Friday. The anti-graffiti truck is part of the Sheriff’s Department Community Service program.
Two low-level offenders, supervised by a correctional officer, will wash graffiti off public and private buildings and other structures.
The Graffiti Task Force has already made a list of areas that need to be cleaned, including Beverly beaches, playgrounds and public buildings. Ward 2 Councilor Wesley Slate, who is part of the Task Force, has sent a letter to fellow councilors asking for any additional locations that should be added to the list.
Members of the CAC and a Beverly police officer will lend assistance to the Sheriff’s Department and its crew.

Taken from: Wicked Local

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