Friday, August 27, 2010

Live graffiti exhibition in Woburn

Woburn is not somewhere you would usually expect to see graffiti.
The blank canvasses will be covered in graffiti
However this weekend some of the best graffiti artists in the country will converge on the traditional High Street and be let loose with their spray paints.
The live art exhibition will feature some of the UK's most exciting street artists whose work will literally take shape over the weekend.
Visitors to the exhibition can join in and create their own work of art.
"There will be around 14 urban artists painting live in Woburn, and everybody is welcome to come and see them at work and even give it a try," said Johann Bester, Director of Bedford Street Gallery and organiser of the event.
"The front of the gallery and the garden walls of the Black Horse pub next door will be covered with canvass and these will form part of the live painting event taking shape over the weekend.
"The artists have already been hard at work in the village and have painted the entire wall behind the bar at the Black Horse, plus there'll be lots more to see over the weekend so please come along to see this exciting project developing." 
The sheds will act as blank canvasses for artists to paint live
Among the street artists painting during the August Bank Holiday weekend will be Ben Slow, SPQR, Rocket01, Faunagraphic, Danny O'Connor aka DOC, David Le Fleming, Joseph Loughborough, Otto Schade aka Osch, Oliver Winconek, 20/20, Sars, Mef & Kem - KeMeF.iNc Est 1984, who will transform the 'blank canvasses' into some interesting pieces of art.
Artwork created over the weekend as part of the event will remain on show in the Black Horse garden until the end of Oyster Festival this year on 12th September.
During the live painting by, there will be white painted sheds in the garden of the Black Horse, at Bedford Street Gallery, in front of the Heritage Centre, on the Cobbles and the Green. These will be painted 'live' to promote 'Sheds for Art' as part of Woburn ARTBEAT 2011.
The sheds will act as blank canvasses for artists to paint live and then be used as satellite galleries and information points for charities during specific events throughout the year for the promotion of Woburn, art, the charities and sponsors of the sheds.
They will then go on sale with all proceeds going to local charities and artists.

Taken from: News BBC

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