Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Legal graffiti to 'enhance' underpass at Abbey Way, High Wycombe

A GANG of youths graffitied a High Wycombe underpass last week.
But it was with the blessing of Thames Valley Police, Wycombe District Council, Buckinghamshire County Council and Wycombe Youth Action, as part of a project to brighten up the Abbey Way subway.
The youngsters tagged the walkway with Wycombe-synonymous objects, including a swan, wooden chair, a golden ball, as well as town landmarks.
The £2,500 mural, which was funded by the Wycombe Joint Action Group, was then given a special coating to protect it from vandalism.
Cllr Richard Scott said: “It’s a great project in a very well used subway.
“Unfortunately in the past the subway has been abused, it’s been covered in graffiti, it’s been criminally damaged.
“So it’s a great tribute to the young people of Wycombe to see what they can achieve in a controlled environment and not cause criminal damage but in fact enhance a very important walk through the town centre.”
Police have also been carrying out additional patrols around The Rye as part of Operation Gauntlet in a bid to drive down street robbery during the summer holidays.

Taken from: Bucks Free Press

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