Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Graffiti Wall x Finland

A wall graffiti wall approximately 100 meters long, was opened to the public today in Finland. There was a hand full of graffiti artists who participated in the opening day on May 16, 2009 for the grand opening of the public and legal wall. The wall is created from plywood stacked together next to each other in the day that is known for the 100th anniversary celebration at the historic energy production area of the city. This wall won’t last long, it is due for removal in the beginning of september, 2009. This wall is more of an experiment and if everything works out , there will be a new wall in the summer of 2010!

See the photos on Flickr

Suvilahti comprises 1.5 hectares of open area that is suitable for various kinds of events, including festivals, concerts and performances. Please contact Marketing Manager Teemu Nurminen,, t. +358 (0)45 1133 155.

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