Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Graffiti Artists Elusive

I know, I know — they do it at night, under cover of darkness. And they work quickly. Still, I’ve often wondered why I never see graffiti artists (or vandals, as some might prefer to call them) painting their messages.
Bill Lawrence wonders, too. He sent me this photo of some new graffiti on Fanshawe Park Rd., just west of Richmond (on the south side). Lawrence, who notes the message is across from a seniors’ residence, writes, “The strange part is that no one saw it being created. It’s on a fairly busy road and is also directly across the road from a seniors’ building. . . .With the majority of the rooms facing Richmond St., you would think someone would see it being painted. My only conclusion is that maybe it was meant for someone in the Manor.”

Taken from: LFPress

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