Monday, August 23, 2010

Extra jail for serial graffiti pest

A GRAFFITI vandal who tagged railway stations, trains, trams and other public property during a crime spree was sentenced to an extra 110 days in jail today. 

Magistrate Julian Fitz-Gerald said Brett Williams, 23, had a serious criminal history but as a young offender his rehabilitation was of far greater importance than general deterrence.
Melbourne Magistrates' Court heard previously that between April and December last year Williams was caught tagging on CCTV a number of times, arrested and then released, only to repeat his crimes almost immediately.
He was on two suspended sentences and a community based order at the time of some of the offences.
Williams' tags, of 'Booza' and 'Booze' feature on YouTube videos that boast about tagging and graffiti under the title of "Mordi Graff''.
There is a comment under one of the videos which states "I saw like 5 new booza pieces today'' and another that states "Frankston line reppin, is booza still gettin up?''

Mr Fitz-Gerald said Williams is serving an 18-month jail term with an eight-month minimum imposed in the County Court for an aggravated burglary.
He said Williams had a serious history of alcohol and drug abuse and the latest list of offences involved 12 different police informants.
"I consider Mr Williams is at a significant point of his life. He is at the crossroads,'' he said.
Williams, of Beaumaris, nearly died in 2003 when he fell from the roof of a moving train at a rail crossing.
He admitted over 40 charges, and as well as the graffiti offences he committed assaults, burglaries, thefts and other public transport offences.
In one burglary on a Brighton home he stole more than $8000 of property that was not recovered.
Mr Fitz-Gerald ordered Williams to serve 110 days on top of his existing sentence and noted that 37 days have already been served.

Taken from: Herald Sun

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