Monday, August 30, 2010

Artist promotes Graffiti Art in city

New York based artist Jas Charanjiva is a collector of designer vinyl toys, painting walls with graffiti artistes and amassing underground art magazines. She is in town to promote street art in the city.

“My interest expanded to art found on the streets in the form of graffiti, Tokyo pop art,
proest art and the rock star lifestyles of the 60s and 70s,” says Charanjiva.
Jas recently painted a seven-feet long graffiti at The Guild, Colaba, called The Human Side based on the Taliban rule.

Powerful genre
“Street art is a powerful genre. Art in galleries is seen by a limited few, while street art is out there for the world to see. I have been giving lectures and holding workshops for organising an underground movement in Mumbai,” she adds.

Charanjiva is opening a studio in Mumbai. “I’ll be releasing a line of urban lifestyle products like posters, t-shirts and toys. I also plan to do murals around the city to encourage street art. It’s a good time to do this before people mistake street art for vandalism.” But is Mumbai ready for this subculture?

Art and city
“India will begin to appreciate street art at a higher level once people are exposed to what’s been taking place in other cities around the world in regards to the same.”

Charanjiva also lauds the Wall Project on Tulsi Pipe Road in Mumbai. “It has had a good start in accepting paintings and messages on walls as art. Now I want to see established and emerging underground artists to do the same throughout the city.”

Taken from: HindustanTimes

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