Saturday, July 31, 2010

Alleged graffiti vandals arrested

AN alert Gympie Regional Council worker and fast-acting police yesterday tagged a group of four alleged spray can vandals, after extensive graffiti was found at the council saleyards and on railway property near the Gympie North station.
A railway carriage was also sprayed with tags, identified by police as being similar to those found at the saleyards, a police spokesperson said yesterday.
Police received a complaint about 5.17am, when a council worker reported catching the group near some defaced panels and a building wall at the saleyards. “There was damage at the station too,” he said yesterday.
“They told me they were mushroom pickers and they were talking gibberish,” the council worker said of his discovery of alleged graffiti vandals at the saleyards.
“An intercity express train was also extensively vandalised,” a police spokesperson said yesterday morning.
“After 7am, inquiries were made about a report of three people behaving suspiciously at the saleyards, where further graffiti was discovered.
“Two female officers located four people, three males and a female. They also found property that we’re investigating and a vehicle reported to have been last seen near Banks Pocket Road.”
Police later reported that the four had been taken into custody and questioned.
The defaced train had already left for Brisbane.
“They were all adults from interstate,” a police spokesperson said..
The four are alleged to have committed offences including wilful damage, trespass, graffiti vandalism and possession of graffiti instruments.
“A couple of other offences have been uncovered in Brisbane, with similar tags, by the Police Graffiti Task Force,” the spokesperson said.

Taken from: Gympietimes

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